Trust Your Struggle Collective


Trust Your Struggle™ (TYS) is an artist collective of visual artists, educators, and cultural workers dedicated to social justice, environmental sustainability, and community activism through the medium of art. Our work includes, but is not limited to: graphic design, printmaking, photography, illustration, graffiti, multimedia installations and mural painting.

Based in California and New York, we have produced over 100 gallery exhibitions, large scale murals, and arts education workshops with youth and community organizations since 2003. Our art continues the legacy of visual language as contemporary storytellers influenced by graffiti art, comic books, political posters, cultural icons, and our own indigenous traditions.

TYS is a crew, fam, and folks that are getting down for the people. We are: Tres Rock, Erin Yoshi, Scott La Rockwell, Mincho Vega, DJ Pele, Cece, Shaun Burner, Nisha Sethi, Vyal One, Viajero, Nancy Pili and Miguel Bounce Perez.