Photograph of SMK piece at the 14th Street Graffiti Museum

Scratch Master K is widely regarded as the principal influence for the early '90s explosion of graffiti in the Montgomery County area of Maryland, which borders Washington DC’s northern side. SMK has been in the game since 1984, when he was among the first generation of DC b-boys. In 1989 he took over EL.W crew from Brooklyn based writer HUMAN and began putting younger writers down with the science.

His mentorship of those younger writers helped to elevate the skill level of the entire city, and his connection with crews nationwide during the '90s helped to solidify Washington, DC in the growing national graffiti lexicon.

SMK is the only writer from DC to have a piece on a Metro car run the length of the Red Line. A longtime member of the revered Bronx, NY based FLY I.D., SMK continues to paint as one of graffiti’s traveling style masters. He has reemerged in Washington over the last decade to lend a hand on various projects with the Double Down Kings, as both a style writer and DJ.