Kier beginning his writing career in 1990, first writing the name Thick Word, as one of the first style writers to emerge from Maryland's Prince George's County, and make an impact in the DC scene.

He caught the graffiti bug early, drawing particular influence to begin from skateboard magazines. Soon he was attempting his own pieces on his skateboard grip tape, a practice that caught the attention of other writers who skated, including an early meeting with Evade.

With-in two years Kier had relocated from PG to DC, to attend college, and a path that would take him into the center of the cities writing scene.

Kier is one of the many writers who were influenced by the early 1990s graffiti of the MCA crew. He learned the ropes by painting with SMK after being recruited into EL.W. Soon Kier would be painting alongside legendary pioneers MESK, JOKER and RUST and more at the Art Under Pressure tunnels.

Inspired by the experience, and painting more, his style developed its own distinct look. An avid student of style and technique, KIER mixed graphic elements and other painting disciplines into his creations.

Heavily influential in DC, where he, along with partners Cev of IGO crew maintained a solid presence through the late-90s, contributing to a new generation of graffiti in the city. However the full measure of KIER’s influence has yet be gauged, as he has been a mainstay in the cities graffiti, Djing, and skate boarding scenes for three decades, with no indication of stopping, while newer generations of writers in DC utilize concepts KIER introduced in the late 1990s.