MISS CHELOVE, is an independent Washington DC-based art director, muralist, designer and illustrator. She is the former Co-Founder of art + interactive agency Protein Media (based in Washington DC & Brooklyn, NY c. 2000-2013).

MISS CHELOVE’s work reflects her multicultural background rooted in the tropical mysticism of Java, Indonesia and formative years growing up in the punk, go-go, and graffiti-fueled streets of 80’s/90’s Washington DC.

MISS CHELOVE combines local and biographical storytelling with tools and methods of graffiti and street art. Common themes include: powerful women of color, nature, indigenous cultures, vibrant fashion/music/street subcultures, and issues affecting society and the environment.

MISS CHELOVE’s practice is currently focused on mural projects throughout the world. When not scaling walls, she collaborates with clients like the Smithsonian Institution, Apple, Afro-Punk, Adobe, Patagonia, &Pizza, and Trillectro.